Energy Efficiency – the Local Authorities’ Visions

COP21COP21, Paris UN Climate Change Conference
Thursday, December 10, 2015, 10.00-12.00, Hall 2b, German Pavilion

As key actors fighting climate change, cities must secure improvements in energy efficiency, however many barriers prevent cities from realizing the full potential in this area. A critical question is how to remove these barriers. Scientists, local decision makers, city networks and industry will present best practices and discuss successful approaches.

Karl-Ludwig Schibel, Senior Fellow, Climate Alliance
Angela Yeh, Fellow, MIT Climate Colab

Cutting energy consumption in German households and industry in half by 2050
Long term scenarios show that a diminishing consumption of energy is a necessary prerequisite for an effective protection of the climate. Renewable energy is important, energy efficiency is important, but we need to focus on reducing consumption in absolute terms. This means concentrating also on demand-side management, be it in households or in industry.
Maria Krautzberger, President, German Federal Environment Agency

Low Carbon Cities: The economic and resource efficiency case
The economic case for low-carbon cities, as presented in the 2015 New Climate Economy report, shows that low-carbon urban development could generate savings worth US$16.6 trillion by 2050. We look at the scope for reducing emissions in 25 global cities and explore consumption-based baselines.
John Barrett, University of Leeds, Professor of Sustainability Research, Director, CIE-MAP Centre, Co-Director UK Energy Research Centre

Building energy efficiency in the INDCs: Emissions reduction potential from green buildings & beyond
The building sector accounts for one third of energy use – due to the long lifespans, energy use in buildings poses significant lock-in risks. The risks point to immediate actions. Existing solutions can greatly improve efficiency, which is the low-hanging fruit for policy makers to attain its INDCs.
Ping Cheng, CEO, Delta Electronics
Shan-Shan Guo, Executive Director, Delta Electronics Foundation

Local Authorities Strategies of Excellence in Energy Efficiency
European cities and towns stand on the forefront of energy efficiency in the building sector. Excellent examples have succeeded in combining stakeholder involvement, advanced technologies and innovative financing strategies towards optimal results.
Boris Palmer, Lord Mayor, Tübingen, Germany

Smart cities to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions
The correct introduction of innovative solutions in the buildings and mobility sector may represent a powerful instrument to improve citizens’ lives and reduce GHG emissions.
Gianni Silvestrini, Scientific Director, Kyoto Club

Contact: Dr. Karl-Ludwig Schibel, coordinamento@climatealliance.it

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